About KKS:

The Danish Women´s Artist association, KKS, ”Kvindelige Kunstneres Samfund”, is one of the oldest professional associations of female artists. On February 7th 1916 its founding general meeting was held in Copenhagen, DK. Since then focus has been directed towards working for equal rights and the development of dialogues and fellowships.


At present KKS has 256 members. Furthermore associated members are connected to KKS. They count art historians and conveyers of art, which KKS wish to tie visionary and working practices with in different ways.


KKS works towards the making and promotion of the work of female artists on equal terms with their male counterparts, in public spaces and within the presentation of art. With the publishing of the Jubilee antopologi “100 års øjeblikke” (moments from a hundred years) in 2014, KKS gave a weighty contribution to highlight significant female artists from more or less forgotten positions. Also the forgotten battle, which female artists have undertaken in Denmark, was conveyed to the public. The cooperation with art historians about this antopologi appears very similar to the wish to be part of collaborations with professionals and other organisations to achieve the goal that art history is corrected by incorporating in it the significant female artists which have been left out.


The KKS archive:


The Archive for KKS, “KKS-arkivet”, is a part of the Danish cultural heritage. The records are mostly well preserved, but some are naturally fragile. The board of KKS has made an agreement with The Danish Royal Library to transfer the archive there, to be preserved for posterity.


In connection to this a web-based searchable database of records from 1916-1966 is now available. The database is accessible from KKS´s website.